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Sail Cover

Mainsails spend most of their time furled while the boat is tied to the dock or on a mooring. The sun beats down on the boat day after day, week after week, and month after month. A well-fitted sail cover is key to a mainsail’s durability.  To fit well, the cover must be big enough to cover the whole sail and loose enough that the sail does not have to be squeezed in.

Sail covers are made with woven acrylic fabrics that stand up to the sun without fading. Since it is a woven material, it is breathable which keeps the heat from building up and lets moisture out, which prevents mildew. These fabrics come in a wide selection of colors.

To fit well, all covers start with custom measurements. If your boat has lazy jacks or a Dutchman sail flaking system, the cover will need carefully placed slits and zippers to get around their control lines. 

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