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Easy-Furl Code D

One of the biggest challenges cruising sailors face is how best to sail downwind with only your white up-wind sails set. The jib bangs against the mast and gets beat up, so it doesn’t provide much power. You turn on the engine, and you then must put up with exhaust blowing across the boat. Neither are very attractive options. For years, UK Sailmakers has taught that cruising spinnakers were the solution to this sailing dilemma, but not everyone has come on board with that philosophy.

Setting a spinnaker with the aid of a dousing sock still requires someone to go forward to raise the dousing sock, and some cruising sails feel leaving the cockpit is a real P-I-A! You can’t set it at the beginning of the sail and just have it “set” until you are ready for it.

Easy FurlCruisingSpinnaker

Now there is a much better alternative!

UK Sailmakers has developed the Easyfurl Code D, a cruising spinnaker that can be pre-set and is easy to release and furl from the safety and comfort of the cockpit. The Easyfurl Code D is a cruising spinnaker with a nearly straight luff that furls from the bottom up, just like a genoa. With a regular, continuous line furler, it’s easier to use than a Stasher system and less expensive than top-down furlers. The Code D gets its name because its shape, a straight luff, and round leech makes it look like the letter “D.”

EASY-FURL Code D performs well from 80-degrees apparent wind angle to nearly dead downwind. It will even fly well wing-on-wing with or without a whisker pole. Thus, it is truly an all-purpose sail for cruisers and daysailors. The EASY-FURL‘s straight luff allows the sail to be furled evenly and tightly. For smaller sails we install a double luff rope, and for bigger sails, we install an anti-torque rope. These all-purpose asymmetrical spinnakers can be made out of any nylon allowing customers to be creative with colors.

Don’t be afraid of cruising spinnakers any longer! Hoist your Easyfurl Code D before leaving the dock or mooring, and then leave it furled until you are ready to sail downwind. When ready, unroll it and cruise in comfort, safety, with speed.

The Easy Furler provides a very clean look.

The Easy Furler provides a very clean look.

The EASY-FURL will work with any continuous-loop bottom-up furler or the new Electric FurlerLoop EF1500 from Kohlhoff. Push-button furling is the latest improvement to spinnaker handling. The Kohlhoff unit has an external 18-volt lithium battery, which means the furler does not have to be removed from the sprit for charging.

X-Drive Carbon Liteskin main and jib and an Easyfurl Code D on an X-Yachts 4(3).
X-Drive Carbon Liteskin main and jib and an Easyfurl Code D on an X-Yachts 4(3).