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UK Sailmakers Miami

UK Sailmakers Miami started out as Wood Sailmakers in 1977. Originally based in the Miami Ship Yards near downtown, we now have a modern up-to-date sail loft near the Coconut Grove section of Miami. We are just a few minutes from Dinner Key Marina and the local yacht clubs.

Owner, Mark Wood specializes in designing racing and cruising sails for boats in the 25 to 55 feet. We sell dinghy sails are made by our capable UK Sailmakers colleagues who specialize in one-design racing. Maxi and Super yacht sails can be built by UK’s 50,000 sq. ft. loft in Hong Kong. They are a UK Sailmakers loft that only builds UK Sailmakers sails. UK Sailmakers Hong Kong has the space, expertise and man-power to make massive sails.

We repair and service all makes of sails and we pride ourselves for a quick turnaround to get you back on the water and sailing again. 

Contact Information:

UK Sailmakers Miami
2801 SW 31st Ave., #2A
Miami, FL 33133
Tel: +1 305-567-1773
Email: miami@uksailmakers.com

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