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UK Sailmakers Norway (Oslo)

UK Sailmakers Norway is working actively with state-of-the-art technology to develop the very best sails for our customers—matching the sails they buy to the types of sailing they do and their budgets. Working with Norwegian engineers, we have designed a proprietary filament laying machine that now allows us to produce exceptional and affordable laminate sails locally in our Oslo loft.  

Today, 90% of the sails we produce are UK Sailmakers’ newest innovation — X-Drive sails. Versatile, durable, and affordable X-Drive load-path sails are made for serious racers, competitive club racers and cruisers who seek a higher level of performance from their cruising sails. 

At the core of our business is the fact that every employee in our loft is a sailor as well as a sailmaker. We at UK Sailmakers Norway have our own boat—an IMX 38—and we race it as a team in Norway’s larger regattas to test, evaluate, and refine the sails we’ve created. We take what we learn, apply it to the new sails we design, and also share our our findings with the entire UK Sailmakers International group.

Our Norwegian-made X-Drive sails have proved to be the very fast on the race course; they were on the overall winner of Norway’s largest overnight regatta, the Færder’n Race with over 700 competitors!

We offer a 5-year warranty for our products in made at UK Sailmakers Norway. In addition to making sails, we are the dealer for Selden Masts, The Rake, Wichard, and the Rig Workshop. 

Staff: Mehmet Taylan

Mehmet Taylan has worked in sailmaking for 29 years; he studied as an apprentice at Lyngør Seilmaker Tool (Doyle Norway) for five years. He studied sail design for two years in the sailmaking program at the Royal Sail in Stockholm. He worked with developing the Q Bond glue technology at Royal Sail and he the was the first sailmaker in Norway to use the Q Bond system. After that he worked with Erling Hovdan as sailor and rigger. In 2004 he joined the UK Sailmakers group.


Contact Information:

Tvetenveien 164
0671 Oslo
Phone: +47 22 26 56 00
Email: norway@uksailmakers.com

For more information please visit our website.  

X DriveSkins
X-Drive skins on display at the Oslo boat show.
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